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Michele Edda Wolf Payan nació en la Ciudad de México en 1951 de Madre Francesa y Padre Alemán. Estudio en el Instituto Asunción y en el Oxford Accademy en el DF, High School en Miami, Fla., y la carrera de Comercio Internacional en el Sao Martin School. Habla Español, Inglés y Francés al 100%. En 1980 el destino la llevó a Puerto Vallarta donde radico 34 años trabajando en el sector Hotelero e Inmobiliario. En 2015 se mudó a San Miguel de Allende lo cual había sido su sueño desde 1977.

Le apasiona poder brindar servicio de primera, lograr que sucedan las cosas a la brevedad y bien hechas; hacer lo que haya que hacer para lograr los resultados que se compromete a dar.

Uno de sus muchos lemas es “ESPERA LO INESPERADO”. Ha leído libros de Anthony Robbins, Andrew y Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, Pablo Coelho. También le apasiona viajar, las experiencias, vistas de paisajes hermosos, diferentes culturas, los olores y el sabor de la comida en diferentes ciudades. Hacer recuerdos es muy importante para ella, le encantan los países viejos, con historia. Las carreras de coches es otra de sus pasiones, en especial la Formula 1 y los Go Karts. Esta escribiendo un libro sobre como brindar un servicio extraordinario. Tiene muy buen sentido del humor y le agrada estar con gente joven porque aprende mucho de ellos y ella puede compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias de vida.

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Michele Edda Wolf Payan was born in Mexico City in 1951 to a French mother and a German father. She studied at the Asunción Institute and at the Oxford Accademy in Mexico City, High School in Miami, Florida, and a degree in International Trade at the Sao Martin School. She speaks 100% Spanish, English and French. In 1980 her destiny took her to Puerto Vallarta where she lived for 34 years working in the Hotel and Real Estate sector. In 2015 she moved to San Miguel de Allende which had been her dream since 1977.

She is passionate about being able to provide first class service, making things happen quickly and well done, and doing what needs to be done to achieve the results she promises to deliver.

One of her many mottos is "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED". She has read books by Anthony Robbins, Andrew and Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra and Pablo Coelho. She is also passionate about traveling, her experiences, views of beautiful landscapes, different cultures, and smells and tastes of food in different cities. Making memories is very important to her, she loves old countries, with history. Car racing is another of her passions, especially Formula 1 and Go Karts. She is writing a book on how to provide extraordinary service. She has a very good sense of humor and likes to be with young people because she learns a lot from them and she can share her knowledge and life experiences.


“Michele was extremely professional and very easy going at the same time. In a brief period she brought many potential buyers to see the house, and she made the entire selling experience so pleasant that we are still good friends over three years later.”  

- Edina Sagert

"Our names are Marc and Will and we purchased a home in San Miguel de Allende in June 2021. We were visiting San Miguel de Allende as part of our travels after selling our possessions in the US and deciding to start the next chapter of our lives. We fell in love with San Miguel immediately and met Michelle Wolf by chance one day exploring the area. We were curious about real estate in San Miguel and happened across her office near our hotel. She was very friendly and very easy to talk to and after only a few minutes of talking she answered the questions we had and we asked her if it was possible to see a few properties. We kept in touch and a few days later she had lined up 4 properties to visit. Little did we know she was working that day, which happened to be a big birthday for her, to show us the house we fell in love with and ultimately purchased.

Michelle helped us through every step of the process which is much different than the US from translating, as she speaks multiple languages, to the escrow and legal matters. Her help was truly invaluable for the whole process and she even assisted us with having bills put in our names, setting up a bank account, and finding people to hire for work and maintenance. She really went above and beyond.       Michelle is still helping us to this day. We continued on with our travels after fixing up the house for rental purposes and even though she is our realtor she is helping us to manage the property while we are away. Without Michelle it would have been a completely different story, she definitely made and continues to make home buying and renting an easy process for us and we more than appreciate everything she has helped us with.       We would recommend Michelle Wolf and her team at REMAX Realtors to anyone curious about home buying in San Miguel de Allende. Her expertise and knowledge of the entire process is exact and very professional. She is our realtor for life and we now also consider her our friend."

- Marc Durand and Will Torres


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