Lane Simmons

RE/MAX Colonial - Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende

(415) 152-7363 / 152-7364

Lane Simmons’ business experience in México began in the 1970’s and he became a permanent resident in 1995. Lane is a Certified International Real Estate Specialist, and since becoming the broker of RE/MAX Colonial in 1997, he and his team have helped hundreds of foreigners navigate the process of purchasing and selling real estate in the San Miguel de Allende area as well as throughout México. When México established qualification procedures for federal certification of agents, in 2004 Lane became one of the country’s first 150 nationally accredited real estate professionals, and he participates in RE/MAX México’s continuing education courses for agents and brokers.

In 2000, Lane authored a real estate buyer’s guide for foreigners that was endorsed by the editors of two San Miguel newspapers. He has written, been written about, and been interviewed for numerous articles for English-language newspapers in México, and international publications including Money, Financial Times, Discover Mexico, AIM (Adventures in Mexico), Mexico Insider and International Living. Lane has also shared his knowledge of living and investing in Mexico and the Mexican real estate market as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars internationally, and the local college, Instituto Allende, as the member of San Miguel’s real estate community invited each year since 1999 to participate in the school’s annual “Lecture Series for Foreigners”. Having resided in several diverse areas of Mexico, Lane first visited San Miguel de Allende in 1991.

Although he and his family very much enjoy traveling to other parts of the country’s interior and coast, Lane, his wife Becky and their children Pancho and Gloria prefer San Miguel as their home.


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